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Frequently Asked Questions
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Trolley Tokens R Us
- The Trolley Token Specialists
  • Beware of ‘deer’ (and cheap) imitations. (pun intented) :)

Got some questions?
Here are some answers...

Q) If I order 100, for example, do they all have to be the same, or can they be different designs?

A) For all orders, you can chose any amount of different tokens.
We will pack the individual amounts for you.
For example: If you wanted to get 100 keyrings, you may choose to get 34 Pink Daisy's, 23 Smiley's, 15 Cat's, 12 Dog's, 9 Yummy Mummy's, 4 Golfers and 3 Soccerball's.
We would then pack those amounts that you would like, and send them down to you as an order of 100.
It doesn't have to be an even number either.
The final total may be 103 or 133.
We will pack whatever you want.

Q) When I place an order, how long will it be before I get it?

A) ♦ For all orders of our Stock keyrings received by 4pm AEST, we pack and ship all orders the same day.
So, depending on where you live, you should have it within a few days.
Should you require an urgent supply, we can have it to most places the next working day.
    ♦ For all orders of our Personalised keyrings, once you are happy with your artwork and are ready to go ahead with your order, you should have them delivered to you 3 to 4 weeks later.

Q) Do TrolleyBux tokens fit all shopping trolley locks?

A) All TrolleyBux tokens are the same size as a $2 coin.
So, if the trolley lock takes a $2 coin, the token should work.

Q) So, why do I sometimes have trouble then with my trolley token?

A) All we can put this down to is that the trolley locks sometimes need cleaning.
If there is any sort of rubbish caught up in the trolley lock, it makes it hard for tokens and coins alike to work properly.

Q) What about Aldi trolley tokens?

A) Aldi tokens are actually thicker than a $2 coin.
Their tokens work fine in their trolley locks, but are too thick for other supermarkets trolley locks.
But rest assured, TrolleyBux tokens fit in all trolley locks, including Aldi's.

Q) When I buy a TrolleyBux trolley token, what do I get?

A) You get the trolley token of your choice.
You get a keyring with clip that the token attaches to.
But, you also get the peace of mind that these are of the highest quality.
We have full confidence in what you get.
So much so, that we offer a Lifetime warrantee on both the Tokens AND the Keyrings.
Just let us know the details of your purchase, ie Order number, etc., and we will send you a replacement.*
Even if you bought it through a school or other fundraiser that has purchased them through us.
Just let us know who it was.
Use the contact form, email us or give us a call.
We are more than happy to help you.

*All we ask is that you cover the P&H of $4.00.

Q) What if I can't find an answer here to my question?

A) Please let us know.
 Our 'Contact Us'  page has all of the ways to get in touch with us.
For all other things, please use the menu on the left  
For all other things, please use the menu up the top  
To speak to someone in person call   0466 633 951
Another happy customer "Doug at Trolley Tokens R Us was wonderful to deal with. I needed some trolley tokens as a give-away at Frankston City's Pets' Day Out event. Doug received our artwork and turned it all around very quickly for us. The trolley tokens were a huge hit at the event, and they look fantastic too." Nicola Cuthbertson - Marketing Development Co-ordinator - Frankston City Council.
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