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Retailers Pack 1

Retailers Pack 1 Image

To make it easier for Retailers, like Newsagents, etc.
we have put together several packs with them in mind.

This is the first Retailers Pack that we put together and is still popular for getting started.

This pack includes a sturdy keyring stand plus 110 Trolley Token Keyrings.
That's over $300 worth of stock plus a stand!

This gives the Retailer a good variety where they can discern which Keyrings will be the most popular in their area.

Retailers Pack

A complete pack of 110 Trolley Tokens plus a Keyring Stand with Retailers in mind.
10 x Smiley's
10 x Pink Daisy's
10 x Cat's
10 x Dog's
10 x Yummy Mummy's
10 x Shop Til' You Drop's
10 x I Love Shopping
5 x I Love Mum's
5 x I Love Dad's
5 x Soccerball's
5 x Grumpy Old Man
5 x Golfer's
5 x Blue Combie's
5 x Orange Combie's
5 x Yellow Combie's
1 x 'trolleybux' Keyring Stand
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