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Retailers Pack 2

Retailers Pack 2 Image

To make it easier for Retailers, like Newsagents, etc.
we have put together several packs with them in mind.

In this Retailers Pack we have put in 5 each of all 24 designs.

This pack includes a sturdy keyring stand plus the 120 Trolley Token Keyrings.
That's over $350 worth of stock plus a stand valued at $34.95!
All for only $199.00

This gives the Retailer a full range where they can discern which Keyrings will be the most popular in their area.

Retailers Pack

A complete pack of 120 Trolley Tokens plus a Keyring Stand with Retailers in mind.
5 x Blue Butterflies
5 x Cat's
5 x Blue Combie's
5 x Orange Combie's
5 x Yellow Combie's
5 x I Love Dad's
5 x Blue Daisy's
5 x Pink Daisy's
5 x Dog's
5 x English Rose's
5 x Pink Frangipani's
5 x Yellow Frangipani's
5 x Golfer's
5 x Grumpy Old Man
5 x Heart & Rose's
5 x Monkey's
5 x I Love Mum's
5 x Musical Note's
5 x Shop Til' You Drop's
5 x I Love Shopping
5 x Smiley's
5 x Soccerball's
5 x Sunflower's
5 x Yummy Mummy's
1 x 'trolleybux' Keyring Stand
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