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A 'Thank You'

Email us:service@trolleytokensrus.com.au

We have received many letters of 'thanks' over the years, but this one is still our favourite...

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"Dear Doug and Amy

I wanted to thank the two of you for your amazing support through our fundraising for QLD Relay for Life 2010.

You were extremely generous in adjusting your invoicing terms to suit our needs and also in helping us to find a pricing system that would help us to raise as much money as possible for cancer patients and research.

The trolley tokens were a huge success, with us selling an enormous amount of them at the relay itself as well as before the event. At $3 each, the selling price is realistic and still profitable- low enough to be an impulse buy- but useful enough to not need to be. We also had a lot of feedback about the great designs- one to suit every potential customer.

We ordered one day, and received our tokens the next - TWICE! This made it so much easier to plan and organise what we needed without us having to order too much too far in advance.

On behalf of our Relay Team - Mums on a Mission - Thank you so much for your great support in helping to make Relay for Life a success.

We appreciate it so much and will definitely be using your tokens again next year!

Erin Sell"


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Another happy customer "Doug at Trolley Tokens R Us was wonderful to deal with. I needed some trolley tokens as a give-away at Frankston City's Pets' Day Out event. Doug received our artwork and turned it all around very quickly for us. The trolley tokens were a huge hit at the event, and they look fantastic too." Nicola Cuthbertson - Marketing Development Co-ordinator - Frankston City Council.
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